The Road To Change Tour

Change is hard. But it’s about to get a lot easier! Root’s mobile tour is coming to you. Join us in our mobile workshop for an immersive experience designed to change the way you lead change in your business.

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Three Unique Experiences That Drive Change

Don’t Train your Managers, Transform Them

The fastest way to change your business? Through your managers. But you must stop training and start transforming. Give them what they need to kick-start and accelerate change. After this experience, you or your managers will walk out armed with powerful first steps that immediately strengthen their change capabilities.

Be a Disruptive Innovator. Learn the 3 Secrets That Make it Easy for Everyone.

This interactive experience challenges your organization’s underlying assumptions about innovation and leading the marketplace. It underscores the role of purpose in innovation. Plus, it offers ideas of where to go next and how to create a call for action that inspires and motivates others to make a change.

Leading, Activating and Sustaining Change

This hands-on experience enables you and your colleagues to turn the daunting concept of creating change into an inspiring and motivating approach. It focuses on using storytelling, visuals, and humor. It explores insights and practical methods that builds your capabilities as a change leader. Most importantly, it accelerates change.

At Root We Don’t Just Manage Change – We Take Charge of It!

Who is Root?

  • We have a proven process for making change happen.
  • We help leaders engage people emotionally and intellectually to motivate and inspire them to want to change.
  • Our approaches are meaningful, fun, and memorable and achieve measurable results.
  • We have a nationally renowned reputation and a bold culture of “whatever it takes.”
  • More than 900 Fortune 2000 companies have partnered with Root, including 70% of the Fortune 50.

The Root Mobile Workshop

If you haven’t been to a Root session before, we think you’ll like how different they are – we trade boring didactic tells for immersive experiences that allow you to network and discuss challenges with peers from other organizations.

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